Love and lust in Singapore
The process of making a short story anthology about love and lust in Singapore.


The Editorial Team: Caz Goodwin, Femke Tewari & Joseph Hoye

The Editorial Team: Caz Goodwin, Femke Tewari & Joseph Hoye


We are thrilled to announce that Monsoon Books has agreed to publish the Love and Lust in Singapore anthology. The book, which will appear under its original working title, is scheduled to hit bookstore shelves throughout Singapore by September 2010. Eventually the anthology will also be available in other Asian countries and probably Australia, as well as, and Barnes&, but this will take up to nine months due to the internal processes at the on-line stores.

We would like to thank all contributors who worked hard to make the book happen.

Please check back regularly for updates and feel free to leave comments!

Caz, Femke & Joe


Love and Lust in Singapore started out as a very simple idea – collect some great stories set in Singapore by Singaporean or Singapore-based writers around the themes of love and lust and publish the collection. This blog has been created to journal the journey.

Why Love and Lust? Obviously sex sells but what we’re hoping to do is expand the theme beyond sex or romance. Love comes in many forms: family, friends, country, pets etc. And love has its dark side too. Lust is the flip side of love and it has many names: avarice, jealousy, greed, power seeking, control.

To read interviews with the writers of the book, please select ‘Interviews’ under ‘A Kiss by Any Other Name’, on the upper right hand side of this screen. You can read through snippets we wrote during this exciting journey by selecting ‘Anthology Process’. Under ‘General’ you can find a few articles on writing that are not related to the anthology, and the blog also contains some guest blogs.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge that the writers are donating any profits from the anthology to a great charity: the WISH arm of the Society for  Reading and Literacy Singapore

Thanks for joining us!

Caz Goodwin, Femke Tewari and Joseph Hoye


6 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. When will the book be available?

  2. The topic is really nice. It’s a very different topic and it tells us both the lighted and dark side of love. I like to know more about this.

  3. Hahaha, I’m actually also waiting for the answer to the above question by Singapore Sling. When WOULD it be available?

  4. Sounds like a great venture. Best of luck to you all.

  5. Hi, what is your contact email address to send you details of an upcoming event in Singapore?

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